Visual Arts

Each corner of the world has its own way to communicate through images – we want to bring to Austin artwork that moves us and present the creators of paintings, posters, sculptures, and let their work speak for itself.


History In Focus

People, Politics, and Pivotal Moments in Central and Eastern Europe through the Lens of award-winning photojournalist, Chris Niedenthal PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION OCTOBER 20 – NOVEMBER 20, 2024withOPENING on OCTOBER 20, 3:30 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. Presentation and Q&A with Chris Niedenthal Reception designed and provided by Apolonia Catering Location: Round Rock Public Library200 E Liberty Ave,…

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Tamara Lempicka Mural

Unveiling Event & Party Event Photo Gallery A woman following her own passion, creative, curious, and rebellious – not afraid to test and cross many artistic and societal norms – confident in her strength and talent. A trailblazer and a troublemaker, ready to challenge the system and the world if it stood in her way. …

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Poster Art With A Cause!

Dot Dot Dot Connect, inspired by the power of art, organized an outdoor happening by displaying selected poster images that were carried by demonstrators in Poland. Our Lebanese friend, Alex Boulos, provided live music with his own compositions. We called the event “Poster Art With A Cause!”. It took place on November 21, 2020 at…

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