Poster Art With A Cause!

Dot Dot Dot Connect, inspired by the power of art, organized an outdoor happening by displaying selected poster images that were carried by demonstrators in Poland. Our Lebanese friend, Alex Boulos, provided live music with his own compositions.

We called the event “Poster Art With A Cause!”. It took place on November 21, 2020 at the Auditorium Shores in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.

Polish Poster Art has been admired around the world for its unique artistic quality and the power of expression not commonly seen or expected within this genre of visual arts. Here in Austin, the public had a chance to see Polish posters at different occasions. Some were the exhibits associated with the annual Austin Polish Film Festival, among them an exhibit at the Blanton Museum, or at the Austin Public Library, or even within the SXSW Flatstock. Selected film posters created by Polish artists are displayed in the lobby of the AFS Cinema – donated by the AFS founder and world known filmmaker, Richard Linklater, who is a fan of the Polish Poster Art. The owner of the Austin Ao5 Gallery on South Lamar considers his collection of Polish Poster Art among his most valuable gems.

In the challenging year of 2020, some of the contemporary Polish graphic artists lent their talent to support thousands of people demonstrating across Poland. People walked out to the streets all over the country protesting a ruling of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal that toughened already the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe by adding a ban even in cases of severe congenital fetal defects or incurable diseases.  They protested carrying posters designed by and made available free of charge by Polish artists. Many Poles see the restrictions not only as a violation of women’s rights but also as another attack on the fundamental rights of all citizens. The strikes grew into the anti-government demonstrations with a goal to bring down the Law and Justice Party that has been in charge since 2015. Based on a survey of protesters, thirteen topics of greatest concern to them were identified. They included abortion rights, education, work, and the pandemic, health care, climate change, and the separation of church and state.

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