“Condemned To Poster Work” – exhibitions & film

We brought to Austin and presented several events showcasing the incredible Polish Poster Art.

At the 2022 Austin Polish Film Festival, we presented a documentary film by Marek Osajda about an extraordinary poster artist.

Engaging and interesting storytelling, visual beauty, music – all together make for a great film. And they do exactly this in a biographical feature about a Polish artist, Leszek Zebrowski. Not every artist is able to talk about their art in an accessible way, but Zebrowski is a master of that too! He is both the protagonist and the narrator in this beautifully shot documentary. We get an intimate peek into his world and the world we live in through his eyes and soul. His words, like his art, are genuine, raw, inspiring and tell a fascinating story about this incredible artist’s creative search for “the humanity in humans”. We hear and see his approach to education, history, nature and the environment, his creative process. Zebrowski’s poster designs, called by some posters of the soul, stop us in our tracks with their force of emotions.

The film complemented multiple exhibits of Zebrowski’s works we curated in Austin. Between October 21 and November 6, 2022, we partnered with the A05 Gallery to host Music in Polish Poster Art . Starting in October 2022 and extending throughout 2023, our collaboration with the Austin Classical Guitar brought two installations of Zebrowski’s art displayed at their beautiful concert venue, The Rosette: one on the film theme to match the ACG series of live music accompaniment to silent film, and the other on the music theme to accompany the ACG residency and a concert series by an incredible Polish classical guitarist, Marek Pasieczny.